Carpools to Eugene.

We usually meet at 7:00 at (or near) New Morning Bakery on 2nd Street in downtown Corvallis to carpool to the Eugene dance. (If you see someone standing around, don’t be shy, ask if they’re going to the Eugene dance.)

If there’s a pre-dance potluck, we’d need to leave at about 5:00. So, if you want to share a ride to the potluck, post your info here. (Thus, it’s possible to have two carpools: one to the potluck at 5:00, and another to the dance at 7:00.)

DISCLAIMER: Neither the blog host, nor the blog moderator, nor the dance sponsors can be responsible for the character or habits of the person(s) you agree to share a ride with. It is the responsibility of drivers and riders to discuss driving skills, violation record, insurance, gas reimbursement, and most importantly: driving while under the influence of any substances whatever including alcohol, controlled substances, and medications. BE SAFE! Ask the tough questions and use your best judgment.


2 Responses to “Carpools to Eugene.”

  1. Marfa Levine Says:

    I’m planning to go to the dance in Eugene and would like a ride. Early return ok.

    Marfa, Corvallis

  2. Laura Duncan Says:

    Is there a Corvallis to Eugene carpool happening Nov 19?

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