Welcome Dancers!

At long last we have a blog on which to post news about dances, pre-dance potlucks, carpools, or other dance related issues, and to allow dancers to ask questions or share comments with everyone in the Contra dance community. 


3 Responses to “Welcome Dancers!”

  1. Gordon Enns Says:

    Will this blog be monitored by anyone? Will old news be purged periodically?

  2. Dave Picray Says:

    Yes, it’s monitored by me as moderator, and I do delete most old news simply because old news is an oxymoron–unless there’s a possibility that folks still might want to access the info.

    I may also retain certain posts as a tribute to a person or event.

    Thanks for asking.

  3. M.M Says:

    love the site miss not getting to dances

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